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Learning Curve (Life Lessons, #4)

Learning Curve (Life Lessons, #4) - Kaje Harper What a perfect end to a wonderful journey. I loved this series from beginning to end, gripping, emotional, full of suspense and everyday trials and tribulations. I just LOVED this book. It was a perfect round up of the series. I liked the way that previous cases were referred to in this book, tying up all the loose ends nicely before giving a perfect end to a wonderful story.

Mac is still recovering from his injury, he has made massive progress but not yet enough to go back on the force. He still suffers from panic attacks when people come up behind him and his speech still is not totally normal yet. However, although on disability leave he gets called in to interview someone who only wants to speak only to him.

The person being interviewed has a brother in Tony’s Creative Writing class and this is where once again the adventure begins. The crime story in this book makes for a great intrigue, but never takes the upper-hand of the plot, but more accompanies the whole scene of Tony and Mac coping with the kids, family life, their jobs, etc.

Tony’s parents have moved into town and can now help tony and Mac out with the kids. This is a great relief fro Mac and Tony making their lives easier a little. Tony’s parents are accepting of his ways and come to see Mac like a son-in-law. It seems the family situation is complete. However, there is still one last thing to do. Ben’s adoption.

I was on the edge of my seat hoping that the judge would see sense and that the best option would be for Ben to be with Tony. The whole scene from before, during and after the adoption was touching and wonderfully written. Kaje could really get behind the sensibilities of a 7 year old child and this part was wonderful. After they go to visit Ben’s maternal grandparents to give them the news and at the same time put them in their place. This was great to see how the grandparents had to swallow their views and play nice or Tony had the right to refuse them access to Ben altogether.

However, things aren’t going to smoothly for Tony at work. After he was accused of inappropriate relations with Quinn who is involved in Mac’s case after his father disappears talks to him alone. When the teenager breaks down in tears and breaks down on Tony’s shoulder, he puts his arm around him to console him, which the kid desperately needed, and at that moment a colleague walks in. It is obvious that she had other ideas of what was going on and draws conclusions before hearing the full story. This sort of attitude makes me sick. You’re gay so you have to be a pervert. She brings Tony’s GSA group into questions and calls for a meeting of parents and pupils. However, her plan backfires and I was whooping with joy when through this action Tony gains more support and comes out all the stringer for it – HA!

In the meantime Mac is still fighting to get back on active duty and is working on desensitising himself to his panic attacks while working on the case in hand. Tony doesn’t really want Mac to go back and put himself in such danger everyday. Tony must be the most level headed guy I have ever experienced, he installs a sense of security which Mac so desperately needs. Although Tony doesn’t really want Mac back on the force putting himself in danger, he soon realises thought that it is the job that defines Mac as a person and the person he fell in love with. Therefore he puts his personal fears behind him and lets Mac get back to his job and letting him do what he can do best.

As for what happens now? Well, I think Kaje draws a wonderful end and I can’t think after such a perfect end where the story could possibly go from here. I hope Mac and Tony are HEA!