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A Little Complicated

A Little Complicated - Kade Boehme A little complicated? I found this situation to be completely convoluted, but needless to say things untangle themselves at the end thank goodness

Ryan works as a bartender and is very close to his sister Ellie. When it comes to dating men Ellie is a complete flake and has the attention span of a four year old, however she still has the romantic dream of true love and being together with one person for the rest of her life. Then out of the blue Brady turns up, a boyfriend that Ellie had dumped some eight years ago and decides to give it a second go. To Ryan's horror he thought Brady had left town years ago too, but apparently is now living below him in the same block of flats with his fourteen year old daughter. Ryan's life is now sent into a flat spin.

Eight years ago although Ellie was dating Brady who is according to him, bisexual, the one person he really was attracted to sexually was Ryan. Well they have a fling just before Brady is about to leave for Arizona. Ryan runs off ridden with guilt having sex with the man his sister is dating.

Brady is back and the fun starts again, although this time Brady's daughter, who Ryan would baby-sit for back then, is now a precocious 14 year-old and decides to play matchmaker.

Let's just analyse this whole situation for a moment; sister is dating man whose brother is attracted to, brother has sex with said man and falls in love even he can't except it because his sister is going out with this guy. This guy hasn't had sex with said man's sister and only wants to be friends the second time around , but also says he's bi. Like I buy that! Brother doesn't know this and is guilt ridden for shagging his sister's boyfriend. Everything comes to a head (no pun intended-lol!) and resolves itself with said bi-man falling in love and being happy with said girlfriend's brother. Confused?

Well, the deal here for me is that anything gets complicated as soon as bi-sexuality is involved. Sorry,that may sound prejudice, but through bitter experience not a theme I feel comfortable with. Not only is Brady torn in two, but it's also the complications it causes the third parties as well. Kade picks up this theme quite nicely,

"Gay men preach all day about being tolerant but they sure ain't when it comes to bisexual guys."

This is possibly true, but I know from experience as a gay man that date or have an affair with a bi-guy, at the very worst one who is married with kids, generally you'll end up on the losing side and your dreams of a loving relationship and skipping happily off into the sunset are shattered. Therefore if you can "shag 'em and leave 'em" then fine, but if not then it all becomes a little complicated to say the least.

Although Brady says he's bi (maybe due to his daughter; a result of a teenage pregnancy) I never really got the feeling he was. It felt more to me that Brady was a closet gay, who thought he would never be accepted by another man with a fourteen year old daughter in tow and would be more accepted by a woman. Although all the time he was apparently doing Ellie (both times and again no relationships between) he never once had sex with her! The big attraction was / is for her brother Ryan. Doesn't sound very bi to me now, does it?

Kade creates what seems at the beginning an impossible situation, with real and authentic characters but it all unravels itself in the end. Once again two men not communicating their true emotions with each other. But then if you could sort things out with a good chat for 30 mins then it would never be a story, would it? And to be honest the latter never really is the real one anyway, is it? People talk conveniently about characters communicating, but there are so many examples in real life where communication has broken down through various reasons whether private, political or international. I like the way that this story resolves itself and everyone gets their HEA.

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