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Love on a Wing and a Prayer

Love on a Wing and a Prayer - T.A. Webb I just love a military story, I guess it takes me back to my 10 years in the Royal Air Force. *reminisce*

This is a really sweet story, well written and realistic. Davey is a pilot in the Navy and due to the military's attitude, or so he thinks, has kept himself firmly banged up in the closet. This is all about to change when his hormones rocket sky high after Chuck joins the flight crew.

I love stories I can relate to with my own experience. I knew exactly how Davey felt, as this was me, during my childhood;

"But as early as I could remember, there was something different about me, and I instinctively knew not to talk about it."

....and later when he was in the military like myself;

"It was easier to keep my sexuality to myself and not risk the sidelong looks, the subtle snubs and the whispering."

Oh, I have so been there and know how that feels.

As for being gay and in the military, is this story realistic? Well, at least things are now different in the British Forces. When I was in the RAF (1986 - 1996) homosexuality was against military law and would lead to an immediate dishonourable discharge. The military law against homosexuality has now been abolished. But a lot later than in civilian life, only lifting the ban in 2000. Gay men and women can now serve without the fear of being "caught out" and facing court martial, as it was in my time. I loved my life in the RAF, but it was only their short-sightedness at the time that forced me to make my decision to leave. No regrets though. Today the story is very different, in 2004 the RAF entered a float in the Manchester gay pride parade with 60 service men and women in uniform. A very welcome sight for me today at any pride parade. The British military today is an equal opportunities employer I'm glad to say.

I loved the way that Gio had known about Davey all along, but as good comrades should, he only saw the great man in Davey and the other was no problem. He was genuinely delight for Davey that he had found someone he could love. This is a sign of a truly good friend. The writing portrayed this feeling of comradeship that I only ever experienced in the RAF and the way it is done here made me feel yet again all warm and fuzzy.

This story left me uplifted and feeling good at the end, knowing that it is OK to be gay and serve your country today. Unfortunately, I was just to early (old) and missed it - lol!

Thank you Tom!