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A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mystery, #2)

A Dangerous Thing (Adrien English Mystery, #2) - Josh Lanyon Another super crime story where the clues are to be found in the past which leads to finding the solution in the present. I loved this story was enthralled all the way through. I loved the way that Adrien is led a merry dance by Jake, constantly pussy footing around the inevitable, however Adrien sticks to his guns and doesn't let Jake use him. At the beginning I just wanted to bang their heads together. Well, they both end up having too much whiskey, drinks in and wits out, Adrien's guard is down and the inevitable happens. Not that I have ever been there myself - lol!

I only had one small thing which made me groan and roll my eyes and that was when I learned the leading archeologist was called Dr. Livingston, sorry, seriously cliché. All through the book I kept waiting for the famous words, "Dr Livingston I presume," and sure enough it came on page 192 accompanied by huge groans and mega eye-rolling from myself.

Anyway, but this doesn't detract from a book that was thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end.