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Home Work (Life Lessons, #3)

Home Work (Life Lessons, #3) - Kaje Harper WOW - fantastic! This series just goes from strength to strength and is definitely not running out of steam. The best book in the series so far. This time Kaje strikes the perfect balance between an enthralling and exciting murder / mystery with a domestic / home backdrop.

All elements for crime loving fans are present in this book. Keeps you guessing all the way and then every so often a revelation turns up that leaves you reeling from the surprise. I loved the inclusion of a small court room drama at the end. Rounded the book off really nicely. Mac's tenacity gets the riddle solved but pays a high price for it and needs all the support, love and care his family can give him. Only time will tell now. His colleagues have become accepting of him being gay, with the exception of an exclusive few, but he now has Oliver's full support who is prepared to crack down on the prejudice the best way he can realising he could have done more in the past. This part of the story is well paced and developed, a vast improvement on the previous two books, but they were also excellent in their own right.

I really like the way you see the family overcoming all their daily trial and tribulations by the love and support they all have for each other. The family starts to gel into one unit culminating in Tony and Mac taking their vows. Tony's family now arrives on the scene too and plays a more active role in their relationship. Although Mac's family is still very elusive with just his younger sister phoning before Christmas and reaching out, but Mac refuses to speak to her due to his current condition. I hope there is more to come on this front.

This book is a must read, but only after the others have been read. None of these books I feel are stand alone and need to read in sequence, but they roll on smoothly from the one book to the next. Be prepared to get hooked once started.

I think next to Ty and Zane from the Cut and Run series these guys are my next two favourite characters.