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Breaking Cover (Life Lessons, #2)

Breaking Cover (Life Lessons, #2) - Kaje Harper Breaking Cover - a very apt title as Mac's cover is now definitely blown! This book was exciting, the murder / mystery well thought out and paced while dealing with the story line of gay parenting. I really liked how this subject was dealt with illustrating that blood relations are no guarantee for a child's happiness. However, when I think about everything that poor Ben went through I would ask myself if the child would not end up eventually having permanent emotional scars and hang-ups later in life.

As for Mac he now has to be strong in his new life and identity. That although he is the tough guy cop, coming out takes more courage than you think. Dealing with people's prejudices can be a hard and cruel lesson to learn, but in the end good will out and it doesn't matter what people think. If family and friends truly love you then they will see the good in a person and anyone who doesn't see that doesn't need to be a friend.

A super read and now looking forward to what part three brings....