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Driftwood - Harper Fox Sea, sand and surf. Throw in a RNLI rescue, a Cornish gale and gun running, you have a super Harper Fox story. Tom and Flynn are damaged goods and when Tom rescues Flynn from a surfing accident or attempted suicide then you have two characters that are desperately in need of each other. Tom suffers from PTSD from his time in the Army in Afghanistan and Flynn is in an obusive relationship with no way out. These two unlikely characters find the strentgh they need in each others arms in order to cope with the suffering they are both experiencing. However, Flynn's partner David is possessive and tries to hold Flynn in a poisonous relationship with what can only be described as a form of blackmail and guilt. Everything comes to a head when on a stormy night David flies out with Flynn on a rescue mission and tries to kill him. How the story pans out then you'll have to read it.

Harper Fox with this story has written an action packed love story with unlikely characters who find themselves caught in a web of illegal activities which threaten their very lives. The strength they find in each other gives the power to overcome this. Harper Fox once again delivers a very descriptive and powerful tale. Her writing is not everyone's cup of tea, but she manages to transport you to a point where you can almost feel, smell and experience the wild Cornish coast. This is not an author that you can skip and skim through a book, but have to sit down quietly and savour every word, description, simile and sentence construction. Then you get the most from her writing. I really enjoyed this read and give it a solid four stars. I felt the book was not quite to the standard of her book Scrap Metal which is absolutely beautiful.

So I never add pictures to my reviews, but as this book is set in Cornwall where I come from, a Cornish boy born and bred, I could relate to all the locations she writes about as I have often been there. Harper Fox herself has also recently moved to Cornwall. So I will indulge myself by posting a few photos of these places.

So here is Kynance Cove where Tom meets Flynn for the first time and remains a constant backdrop throughout the book.....

St Michael's Mount. An island for 9 hours a day, cut off from the mainland when the tide is in.

Lanyon Quoit, one of the many bronze age Menhirs, momuments and stone cirles that can be found all along the Cornish coast. This is the setting for a rather wild love scene....

Penzance, the town where Tom works in ER.....

The RNLI station at Sennen. Although in her book she refers to the town as Porth which is fictional, it's obvious from her writing which RNLI station. These guys are among some of the bravest guys that exist, risking life and limb to save others in trouble off the Cornish coast.

Just an impression of a Cornish storm or gale. When these things hit land coming off the Atlantic then you don't go out the front door. I remember as a child waking up in the night and sat in the living room with my parents listening to the wind howling outside and my father cringing every time he heard a roof tile go flying. This is Sennen in a storm where the lifeboat station is.

And finally a shot of Flynn as the so called "Teabag" in the team. I laughed out loud when I read this as being very apt and descriptive. Just the imagery.

Another great buddy read with Macky and Tina