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Slam! - J.L. Merrow Two complete opposites fall for each other. Actually, Jude and David couldn't be more further apart on the gay universe poles. Jude is young, camp, outrageous, effeminate, sassy, out and proud and doesn't care who knows. Your typical gay stereotype that fits all the media norms. David is a little older, more conservative, responsible, normal, straight male, karate instructor and only really halfway out of the closet. Two worlds collide when these two meet and the scene is set for a light-hearted sitcom and that's exactly how I see this book.

To be taken light-heartedly with Merrow playing on typical stereotypes. The way these two meet sets the scene for the book with Jude being a recipe for disaster. Mishaps seem to follow him whever he goes. David has a hard time dealing with Jude being so out and feels threatened and insecure with it although falling madly in love with him. However, this challenges his thinking and finally pushes him to acknowledge the fact that he doesn't need to hide and for the most part if family and friends love you for who you are then you have nothing to fear.

The humour mainly comes from Jude with his quips and view on life. For him the whole world is gay and the acid humour that accompanies him is brilliant. So many laugh out loud moments, I could have highlighted the whole book! However, the humuor still very British in style. Also the supporting characters, Keisha and Jude's mum were also brilliant.

Why I didn't give four stars is that I found the ending, although very fitting, somehwhat abrupt like the book ran out of steam. Also the plot development for me was a little weak, just being used as a vehicle for hiliarous moments which they definitely were to say the least.

All in all a funny and hilarious book for light entertainment.

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