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Scrap Metal - Harper Fox If a picture can paint a thousand words then this book was for me a literary landscape masterpiece. The beautiful, lyrical and descriptive writing carried me off to the Scottish highlands. A place as desolate and lonely as it is beautiful and majestic.

Here we meet Nichol, who has returned to help is grandfather on his farm after losing his mother and brother in a tragic accident. He leaves behind him a bright academic life studying linguistics at Edinburgh Uni and not forgetting the gay scene either. Here on this remote sheep farm living with a grandfather who never really had accepted him feels even more alone than he has ever been but his sense of family loyalty still the greater tug brings him back. He's desperately lonely. This all changes when he discovers Cameron in his barn after breaking in for shelter from a stormy night. He feels the attraction immediately but Cam holds a dark secret and is on the run. Cam becomes Nichol's world, but the dark secret Cam is hiding could threaten the love and everything Nichol holds dear.

I loved this book! The writer brings a depth of emotion into the MCs that swept me away on an emotional tide, bringing the life, the hardships, the close family ties and bonds on a remote Scottish highland vividly to life. I love the way she also makes use of the traditional Gaelic, cleverly done so you still new what was meant. This is also a beautiful and lyrical language. Putting a stark contrast on the generation gap where for Nichol's Granda it was practically a native language for him, Nichol although able to speak it used it only sparingly and when forced too. I could hear those Celtic tones after learning Cornish in school which is another Celtic derivative language.

If you haven't read this book yet then you have really missed out on something truly exquisite. A real gem.