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The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5)

The Dark Tide (Adrien English Mystery, #5) - Josh Lanyon Out of all five books, this was the one I found personally the most enthralling. I loved the cold case angle, Adrien discovering a skeleton in his closet so to speak and then the work of having to puzzle together the threads from fifty years ago. A well written and thought out crime story.

But it was more than this. Adrien has to face all three ex-relationships in the eye. Knowing that although it had been comfortable wit Mel and Guy, Jake was he one he'd been yearning for all this time. Jake and Adrien having to confront their real emotions for each other and finally admitting what was in front of their noses all the time. It was a long a convoluted ride with this pair to get to the end they knew all the time where they should be. I liked the parallel of Jake and Nick, Nick being 79 years old and living in an era as a young man where he could never admit to being gay and Jake realising that this could have been him if hadn't have been for Adrien. So all in all, great story and HEA. I hope, but with these two who knows?

For me the whole series gets a solid 4* stars all the way. Thoroughly enjoyable and a shame there isn't a sixth book. Would love to see these guys solve their first crime as a couple, working together as a functional team as opposed to a dysfunctional one.