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Breathe - Sloan Parker Fact is stranger than fiction. This story touched based for me and dealt with some very emotional aspects. I felt drawn into their world from the very beginning and the author's style felt comfortable and smooth making it a compelling, non-stop read. The plot development and many threads was well handled and left me wanting more at the end.

So, now to the story. Jay and Lincoln, two guys on opposite ends but joined together by a common person who although in death brings them together. Jay suffering from grief and loss. Lincoln suffering from guilt and blame. Two sides of an emotional coin. This immense suffering brings them together and a relationship evolves where they find the answer to their suffering in each others arms. Jay finding love and happiness once more. Lincoln finding forgiveness and absolution. This makes for an intense love story with all the trials and tribulations.

Running parallel to their relationship is the thriller part of the story which also builds in intensity at the same rate as their relationship, lots of red herrings and had me guessing right to the end. The end was exciting and harrowing but left me also happy that after all these guys had weathered together, there's not much left that will now tear them apart.

If I felt inclined to half stars, I would give 4.5 due to one little thing. I was never really convinced that when they first got together they didn't realise who they were. After the fatal accident of Katie couldn't quite believe that Jay had never seen a picture of Lincoln in the media even if had never gone to the trial. Found this a little unbelievable. However, the story and powerful writing clinched the deal and that's why I'm rounding up to five.

I loved this book on a level that it is also a lesson for life. Accidents happen and they're never intentional, no matter how bad, nobody is ever really to blame. Forgiveness is important as is not always having to find a scape goat. A lot of strength can be drawn from this. We can't change the past, so it's not productive to dwell on these things but it is sometimes more important to move on, think ahead and try to be positive.

Another great buddy read with Tina, Gina, Macky and Bev.