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Downtime - Tamara Allen This book contained everything that I love; intrigue, mystery and suspense, historical, supernatural and a sweet romance. It's so difficult to write a review on such a intricate and multi-faceted story.

FBI agent Morgan Nash is on secondment in London and is thrown back to 1888. This throws him for a loop first of all, but then finds values and a love that he never experienced in modern times. While there and trying to get back to the present day he meets Ezra, a gentle but troubled soul battling with his affections for men that would not be accepted in Victorian England. However, in Nash he finds his absolution and together they form a bond of love that transcends time and prejudice. Nash, the consummate FBI agent gets involved in solving one of history's longest cold cases and serial killer which has now become legend.

Nash learns that despite all the technology and know-how of the modern world he discovers values in 1888 long since forgotten. The author very convincingly uses and contrasts Victorian English with modern day English making for vey amusing dialogues.

This book left be bubbling with tears of joy at Morgan's and Ezra's reunion which was beautifully written. As I said this book is so multi-layered it makes it almost impossible to write a fitting review. All I can say is that this book is a keeper and will stay with me a long time.