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A Note in the Margin (A Note in the Margin, #1)

A Note in the Margin (A Note in the Margin, #1) - Isabelle Rowan Left absolutely breathless!! A divine and tender story that really tears at the heart strings. My tissue consumption has increased rapidly whilst reading this book.
I couldn't believe a book that basically revolves around three main characters could grip my attention so much and not let go. I loved the character Jamie with his optimistic, upbeat look on life who provided the stable centre pivot for a rather seesaw relationship between John and David. David turns John's life totally on its head in a postive way, whilst John provides the pillar of strength necessary to get David back on his feet.
This book is written with such an incredible depth of understanding, empathy and feeling from the author that it just draws the reader right in. If you haven't read this book yet then you have definitely missed a true literary gem.