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Country Mouse

Country Mouse - Amy Lane,  Aleksandr Voinov Wham, bam, thank you mam!

Well, this book started with the fastest hook up I have ever read or experienced. However, I loved the power games being played between these two, always a tug-war who was going to get the upper-hand. Malcolm not turning out to be as bossy or dominant as he liked to pretend and Owen not being submissive by any means. It was great to see how their relationship developed and to see the barriers come crashing down around Malcolm's so cold and unfeeling exterior.

I loved the final scene where they both had to admit that they had fallen for each other head over heels, but not once did it get too finger-in-throat schmaltzy with them dribbling their ever undying love for each other - a nicely written ending. Looking forward to reading the sequel!