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The Wicked Day (Arthurian Saga, #4)

The Wicked Day (Arthurian Saga, #4) - Mary Stewart So, this was the last book of four and I must say thoroughly enjoyed them. An epic telling of the Arthur saga if ever there is one. I would give 5* to the series as a whole if this was possible, but as individual books tend more to lean to a very solid 4* for each. All books written with a wonderful descriptive style that keeps the reader enthralled from beginning to end.

What I liked about this last book which rounds off the story was the slant given to Modred. In the first three books we learn very little of Mordred apart from Merlin's prophecies and his mother's (Morgaus), treachery. Giving the reader the impression all the time that Mordred will be the typical evil hand of his mother as in most Arthur stories. However, here we learn another story and to be honest a much more believable one. This book is almost dedicated to Mordred's rise and fall which is also inextricably connected to his father's as well. Mordred I found to be quite likeable and at times even felt sorry for him. He is more a victim of circumstances and conspiracies happening around him and while trying to keep the peace on all sides falls foul of Arthur's vengeance due to a number of falsehoods that are reported to Arthur. Therefore, Mordred finds himself in a catch 22 situation. Be damned if you do, be damned if you don't. He is not totally innocent and without fault, but his ambitions leads him to make several several misjudgements, but possibly quite unintentional. Although he proves himself to be a just and able ruler in his own right and indeed had a big following.

Then there is Arthur. Relatively old Arthur, set in his ways and not being able to relinquish his power. As a ruler he should really now step down for newer, fresher ideas from a younger man for a younger generation. Not really being in touch with the mood of his people and those he leads.

Therefore two worlds collide which leads to the inevitable end of a father and son face-off which no one wins and both end up dead. The normal end to the Arthur saga.

If you like Arthur stories then this series definitely belongs to the "a must read" category.