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Skybound - Aleksandr Voinov Berlin 1945, the war is coming to a close and a last frantic attempt to stave of the allied air strikes. I was transported right back in time to a dark and foreboding Berlin where hope has been defeated and it's only a matter of time. In this desperate backdrop of resignation Baldur a German Messerschmitt pilot falls for Felix a member of his ground crew. In a time where being gay would never have been accepted these men find each other and only love for today as there may never be a tomorrow for them. The only way out of their dilemma is surrendering to the allied forces.

I really liked the way the author painted a dark, hopeless and resigned Berlin but even through all this the love that Felix and Baldur find shines like a beacon of hope. Due to the military rank and roles there is also a slight inference to a sub / dom relationship but also sweet in its nature and never destructive. The syntax I found fascinating as well, relatively short, simple sentences with a minimum of tenses being used. Therefore I felt the sentences were very staccato giving me a feeling of how short-lived lives could be then and it also felt like the short bursts of machine gun fire. Just my personal feeling. I enjoyed this short story vey much and will definitely be reading more from this author in the future.