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Back in the Closet (Out of the Closet, #2)

Back in the Closet (Out of the Closet, #2) - KevaD Snortingly funny! Loved this book, had me in hysterics all the way through. However, like most good comedies there was also a sweet and serious journey of self-discovery lying behind the hilarious antics and escapades.

Chaz and Mike are new in their relationship and through the last will and testament of a dead uncle are thrown into Amish country. Stranded on a delapidated farm and in a house with no modern facilities Chaz discovers values he never knew he had. Nightmare scenario for city boy Chaz, heaven for rough and tumble Mike, comedy scenario is set. Although this theme has been done to death a hundred times, it is very nicely handled and delivers a message of foregiveness after Chaz finds out about Uncle Silas' secret. A secret that will bring them closer together than they ever were while he was alive.

All in all a funny, sweet and reflective story. Loved it!