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The Gravedigger's Brawl - Abigail Roux The ideal m/m Halloween story. Intriguing, spooky and romantic, who could want more. I loved the contrast in characters, Wyatt a rather awkward academic museum curator and Ash an adorable but quirky bartender who flairs. He also has the most amazing collection of tongue rings and one that even vibrates. I must admit to having googled this for some pictures to get an idea, myself belonging to the piercing uninitiated. Ash and Wyatt, a most unlikely pair, end up fighting for their love after Ash is possessed by the demon of the Gravedigger's Tavern.

The tavern provides the backdrop to some very spooky, creepy and ghastly goings-on. It has a long and sordid history which is revealed very carefully, bit by bit, by Ash digging up its history from old documents and newspaper stories in his museum. The author builds up the suspense very well, until the final scene where everything comes to an head.

What I always like about Abigail Roux's books is that she always manages to provide an enthralling story whilst providing an m/m romance theme. This book pressed all the right buttons for me and I would personally give it 5* x2 if I could.