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Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write)

Into Deep Waters (Love is Always Write) - Kaje Harper What a little gem of a story.

Spanning over some 70 years, this book is all about love that endures. A fight for respect and recogniton of a relationship that at the beginning would never be accepted until the teary HEA end where Daniel and Jacob come full circle and can marry under today's laws. I liked the fact that Stonewall was mentioned and the controversey it caused even among the gay community, but it was also an historical turning point. Due to gay men and women like this we can now enjoy the relative acceptance that we have today. The story is relatively short, but I feel this is fitting too because when you are 80+ years, I guess life must also seem incredibly short when you look back. My grandmother once said, "I never expected to reach 90, it sort of crept up on me without me knowing."

This book has definitely earnt a place on my ab-fab shelf.