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Trick of Time - J.L. Merrow A lovely, sweet, heartfelt short with a HEA, even if a little melancholic due to the loss of Ted's family and partner in a car accident. However, he finds love once more and the story shows us that even after a tragedy life goes on and it's possible to find love again.

The time travel aspect was a wonderful idea and well thought out making it totally believable. Merrow brings victorian London to life with all its atmosphere. Although I found Ted's reaction to his first time travel experience a little too cool, I would have been totally freaked out.

My favourite quote from this book which sums up the whole ideaof the story is the line from Jem, "Got to take your chances when they come, haven’t you?" never a truer word spoke. I loved Jem with his uncomplicated and totally accepting view of life.

Loved this story and once again Merrow never fails to disappointment me.