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Not His Kiss to Take - Finn Marlowe 2.5* = very mixed feelings about this story which means I’m going to sit firmly on the fence on this one. So where do I begin?

+2.5* for;
1) I really liked the writing, it flowed well and was very coherent gripping my attention for the entire book.
2) For me it was like reading a fascinating, behavioural case study, being able to get into Evan’s and Jamie’s minds and reasoning for their actions.
3) Copious amounts of hot, steamy, gratuitous sex and again very well written.
4) A beautiful reunion scene full of passion and longing with a HEA.
5) Lets play doctors and nurses, definitely knew who the doctor was wasn’t so sure Jamie was up entirely for the submissive nurse roll though. However, interesting to read and see the definite lines between dom/sub and Evans somewhat manipulative aspects

-2.5* for;
1) As an EU citizen the following passage worried me on so many levels;

”No!” the boy wailed. Swollen pain-welled eyes stared up at him, pleaded with him. “Got no insurance anymore,” he cried. Blood trickled from his split lip. “They’ll take my savings…my college money. Please don’t do it. Please!”
In all his years at the hospital, Evan never got over how many people couldn’t afford to be there. They despaired when they should be worrying about getting better, not how much each suture cost, or every pill. Reform couldn’t come fast enough.

Absolutely un-fu*****-believable that someone in that state could still be more worried about money and costs rather than receiving the desperately needed medical care! Yep, reform here from my point of view is desperately needed.
Also that this meant it was OK for Evan to haul him back to his flat and bang him up for the next two weeks, without officially informing the police or trying to contact relatives immediately. My Kathy Bates alarm went off here and immediately had playback of “Misery” going on in my head.

2) I had a slight problem with the chapter dealing with the enema. For me personally I really can't find anything erotic in this procedure, no matter how well written. For me it was more like driving past a road accident, first you cringe with horror knowing you shouldn’t really gawk, but then you still slow down to take a look giving into the morbid side of human fascination. At this point Evan was seriously morphing into a male Kathy Bates for me. Did creep me out a little bit too. I realise some people are into this, so whatever floats your boat, just not for me. All this achieved for me was losing my appetite for my sandwich during my lunch break at work.

3) The vigilante style retribution on his attackers, self-justice for me is so wrong on all levels and two wrongs don’t make a right in my books.

4) Some of the kinkier stuff was really not my thing, but kept reading again due to a morbid fascination. I guess I just like to be informed about things even if it doesn’t do anything for me personally.

So for me a definite 50/50 book; happy I read it but don’t feel I have to revisit it.