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The Hollow Hills (Arthurian Saga, #2)

The Hollow Hills (Arthurian Saga, #2) - Mary Stewart The sword in the stone Mary Stewart style- absolutely brilliant! I loved the way that this very famous part of the Arthur saga was dealt with in such a totally believable way.

Mryddin first having a treasure hunt to find a long lost sword from Maximus, having found it hides it again in a place where Arthur would find it later. There was no Lady of the Lake figure, but with Myrddin hiding it on an island in the midde of a lake gave the story it's necessary mystery with Arthur discovering it at precisely the right moment.

As for the sword in the stone, again a brilliant version. Myrddin using his knowledge of chemistry and physics learnt on his travels in the far east now uses this to provide what appears to the somewhat uneducated kings and lords by comparison a truly magical spectacle of Arthur taking the sword from a stone altar.

The descriptive and writing stlye of Mary Stewart brings the story truly to life for me in a way that is mystical yet believable. Can't wait to read the third book at a later date!