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The Crystal Cave (Merlin, #1)

The Crystal Cave (Merlin, #1) - Mary Stewart I really enjoyed the first book in this Arthur quadrilogy and is definitely shaping up to be one of the better Arthur tales I have read.

This first book deals with the life of Merlin from a child to manhood, finding out about his parentage up until he accompanies and arranges the tryst between King Uther Pendragon and Lady Ygraine. What I really liked about this telling is that Merlin as a character was stripped of all his Disney style hocus-pocus. Instead he was portrayed as someone who was intellectually far ahead of his time and therefore would be revered by others as having mystical powers during a time of ignorance. The only one slightly mystical thing he was attributed was the gift of "sight" or having visions which again were based mainly on reading and interpreting the signs around him.

The writing flowed beautifully and drew me right into the book and its characters. Although there wasn't a lot of battle action the plot and writing was so good it held my interest from beginning to end.

Looking forward to reading the following books.