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Caught Running - Madeleine Urban,  Abigail Roux I enjoyed this book immensely. Jake reminded so much of my P. E. teacher in school who I also had a healthy respect for if not slightly overpowering and scary. Just never thought that he may have had a softer side too.

I loved the way the author built up the suspension in the beginning of their relationship with both guys being unsure and second guessing themselves all the time. This would be totally natural in a situation where being gay could be construed as not an option. It is only the process of finding out bit by bit, feeling their way as to whether the feelings they're experiencing personally are also reciprocal. This would so be me too.

I loved the steamy scene on the car bonnet / hood (phew!) and the ending was great too if not maybe a little abrupt. As mentioned in a previous update my knowledge and vocabulary of baseball and the US education system took a crash course with this book. Thank goodness for the built in dictionary in my Kindle. I guess I will just have to write the "British" version using cricket and comprehensive schools - lol!

All in all a great book.