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Tigerland (Tigers and Devils, #2)

Tigerland (Tigers and Devils, #2) - Sean Kennedy Simon just gets better. This sequel to Tigers and Devils was by no means inferior to the first book. If anything it really did add to and augment the first book admirably. The comments I made in the first book are still applicable here, but it was good to see Simon and Dec settled in their relationship. Still with a few communication problems, but hey, which relationship doesn't suffer from that at times.

In this book I found Simon's comments even pithier, filled with the usual Garfield like cynicism and self-depreciating humour with slight 'drama Queen' tendencies that I have come to love. The book gave me that silly grin again on every page combined with snorts of laughter which can be especially embarrassing when you're on the train going to work!

These two books would definitely be my choice to take if I was stranded on a desert island, therefore they both go on my ab-fab shelf.