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Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy Even though I couldn't possibly imagine, either in this century or the next, a top professional football player could possibly be gay and out publicly without totally killing his career, this book makes it all totally conceivable.

I adored the two main characters Simon and Declan. Although total opposites they compliment each other in so many ways too. Simon who is cynical, self-depreciating and sometimes given to the odd temper tantrum has found his ideal partner in Declan, cool, collected, calm and thinks things through if not maybe a little calculating at times. They really are quite opposite but belong together like Yin and Yang.

What I enjoyed about this story was the shift in focus. At the beginning Simon is an out film festival director and Declan through his status is so far in the closet due to possible repercussions from the media couldn't be out if he wanted to. Then through various circumstances Declan and Simon are publicly outed and the sh** hits the fan. For Declan it is as though you can feel a whole weight has been lifted off his shoulders despite the possible career consequences. Whereas, due to all the media attention Simon is pushed back into the closet somewhat in fear of any possible public backlash and marginalised through the star status of his partner. However, despite all the trials and tribulations the story shows where there's a will there's s way.

The book is well written, flows nicely and humorous without too much gushy love. The characters are totally believable, realistic and well balanced.

I sat with a silly grin on my face whilst turning every page of this book. Loved it!! Therefore a solid 5* for me.