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Shades of Gray - Brooke McKinley WHAT A TRULY AWESOME BOOK!!!! I'm sat here trying to write a review after being left breathless from a real rollercoaster ride of emotion. It's not very often a book keeps me up past my bedtime curfew, but I couldn't put this book down and ended up reading until the wee hours of the morning. Will definitely regret that at work today lol!

What I loved about this book? It's passionate, but not too soppy. The feelings for me were very real. Two guys battling against very different backgrounds and histories, but determined in their feelings and love they have for each other that they can "make it". Love really can make a difference! For me the most piognant thing about this book was looking at how life deals us all a hand from a deck of cards and depending on which ones we get dealt and how we choose to play them, can turn your life in the one direction or the other and second chances.

I found myself totally enamoured with the drug runner Danny and getting exceedingly infuriated with the FBI agent Miller. Although on opposing sides the way they behave also has a lot of parallels and similarities that can be drawn. This book shows there is never any black and white, no absolute rights or wrongs and lives up to it's title that everything is always something in between and a "Shade of Gray"

The author lets you really get into the heads of the characters, what they are thinking and have experienced in the past which makes them what and where they are today. I personally however was very grateful for the HEA ending after such a bumpy ride emotionally to get there.

This book will remain in my head for a long time and no doubt will get a re-read at some stage.