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I'm an avid reader and reviewer of m/m fiction. I also love historical novels and crime / thrillers.

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The Complete Sherlock Holmes Collection -  Arthur Conan Doyle I've decided that this mammoth collection of stories will be a work in progress project for me. It'll probably take me a lifetime between reading other books, but the target is set!

Why am I doing this?

Well, (a) you can have too much of a good thing and (b) I don't want to run the risk of the stories all rolling into one, becoming samey and then boredom setting in and the book landing on my "given-up" shelf. I'm quite sure that these stories were never published all in one go and in one volume. So it doesn't make sense for me to read it like one complete book either. It was probably never originally intended that way. Sir Arthur was definitely never restricted either by publishers only willing to release a certain number of books in a series, that's for sure.

What I love about this book?

Well, you know exactly why some authors and their works become classics and will remain forever popular. The writing just flows, it's incredibly coherent with just the right amount of suspense.

I also really enjoy reading the somewhat archaic use of English. All languages develop and move along, however it is refreshing to read such works for the beauty of prose that existed at this time. Certainly don't write 'em like that anymore! Makes you aware of what has been lost in some respects.

One of my favourites is the use of, "he ejaculated" - lol- obviously meaning "he exclaimed." Depending on what was said before I still end up having schoolgirl like fits of giggles!

So, please keep your eye on the progress bar and when you see it disappear onto my "read" shelf then I will expect a round of applause :-)