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Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run, #6)

Stars & Stripes (Cut & Run, #6) - Abigail Roux ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS!!!!! After reading a number of reviews I get the feeling I belong to that rare breed of Ty and Zane junkies that actually enjoyed the transition in their relationship. After all, if I had read six books where there was only constant temper tantrums, bitch fights, psycho hang ups, antagonising and emotionally stunted feelings, I would have thrown at least the fifth book against the window with exasperation. Normal people would have ended the relationship, split up and moved on. It was totally heart warming to see how Ty and Zane come to terms with their pasts, their deepening trust in each other, sharing and caring more which only strengthened their love for each other. Isn't that exactly how it should be?

Ty's and Zane's outing to Ty's family at the beginning of the book was superbly written. I especially liked the idea that grandad Chester "the silent observer" was the one who dared speak the unspeakable. As with any close and loving family, it was good to read that Ty's dad's anger was not directed at him for being gay, but more for running away and cutting his family out of such a large and important part of his life. Ty's mum remains the pillar of strength for all her boys and now sees she has one more boy to care for and love. I can so relate to this. My brother knew about me long before my parents did. I'm also very close to my brother. I was outed to my parents by someone as an act of spite. Looking back they did me the biggest favour of my life. After the initial upset had settled, my parents love me as much now, probably more, as they ever did and have excepted my partner of 12 years as a true son-in-law and love him as much too. But I'll never get back the years I cut them out of a part of my life that was so important. I felt like I was reading my life story. Brilliant piece of writing and insight.

As for Zane's family his dad is a really cool character, loving and happy to see his son happy. But what a piece of work his mother is, she could have walked straight out of the cast of Dynasty! Alexis Carrington is a pussy cat compared to Zane's mum.

Finally, as for anyone one out there who may think two gay FBI agents is unrealistic, all I can say is think again! I spent ten years myself in the military, Royal Air Force, in a macho environment and not being able to be open about my sexuality. I wasn't the only one either, believe me. All it proved was that I could do the job as good as any other man (shoot 'em, but don't kiss 'em!) so why not two gay FBI agents?

I also think it's a wonderful gesture of the author to be donating 10% of the earnings from this book to IEAS!

I just have one last plea to the author.......... MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!