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Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run, #5)

Armed & Dangerous (Cut & Run, #5) - Abigail Roux Although this book is written without the co-author for me Abigail still wrote an amazing book and it didn't lose quality in any way.

What I loved about this book was to see Ty and Zane getting their relationship on a more even keel and accepting their love and trust of each other. Learning that everyone has a past and the more you share the more you can trust and understand but the here and now is also what counts.

When Ty kisses Nick after a night on the beer, this could happen to absolutely anyone. Thank goodness it was only a kiss, but his honesty in telling Zane was so admirable. It showed he loves and cares for Zane enough to feel brutally honest and realises it was a mistake that should never have happened. I felt this only strengthened their relationship making both realise what they have with each other.

Again loved this book and devouring the whole series.