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Chase the Storm - V.M Waitt Beautiful, breathtaking, moving and overhwelming. A book that takes you on a journey of personal and emotional discovery, of highs and lows, of tears and then tears of joy!

You never forget your first time or your first love!
How many times has this been said, either for good or bad. Well, this was definitely the case with Elijah. After deciding on a whim to take off and burn as many bridges as possible due to a undeniably strong feeling of not fitting in at Universtiy, or anywhere else to that matter, buys an old truck and takes off on his very own personal road trip. I'm sure we've all had that urge ourselves more than once and this whole idea will for sure speak to that part of us just wanting to break the chains of our daily constrictions and restraints, duties and responsibilities. If we were all as lucky as Elijah, eh? This is where at the very beginning of the book the beautifully descripitive and flowing style of the author sets the scene of wide open spaces, fields and a sense of freedom, calm and peacfulness we all yearn for at times. Welcome to cowboy country.

Elijah's truck is old, breaks down and he has to find somewhere to stay until it is repaired. He takes a summer job at a local farm to pay and meets Chase the "Lonesome Cowboy" and here lonesome is right in all uses and connotations of the word. Chase is openly gay, but obviously hurting, a recluse who for whatever reason has very much cut himself off from as much human contact as possible. With the author's wonderfully sensitive writing you can pick up on this immediately. His hurt is as big and as wide as the open countryside and the never ending horizon in Nebraska, but also as big and wide is Elijah's heart which will be the balm for Chase's "Achy, Breaky Heart."

Chase is not expecting this in Elijah, a nineteen year old city boy on a road trip trying to discover himself and find out who he is. Well, to cut a long story short; they meet, the attraction is there, but it's a long, bumpy and emotional road until they both get to their HEA.

This book had me in tears, had me jumping for joy, also with tears thereof! For me it takes a extremely talented author to engage me in a whole book that revolves around just two MCs and their emotions. However, V. M. Waitt got my attention from the very first page. Her style is lyrical, descriptive, flows and draws the reader in with an ease you rarely find. She deals with the pain, the hurt, the joys and tears, sensitively and intuitively, but never flowery, gushy or tacky. Letting the reader feel and getting into the minds and emotions of her characters. I did have a few personal points I thought about picking up on, but they are really so trivial next to the book as a whole, I've now decided to forget them as not to mar this wonderful book. This story could rival Broke Back Mountain anyday!

Another super and thoroughly enjoyable buddy read with Gina, Macky, Tina and Bev. Thanks girls!