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The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller I really loved this book from beginning to end. A truly beautiful story that kept me enthralled all the way through and reduced me to tears at the end.

This story deals with the life of Achilles from childhood, to manhood and to the the very Greek style tragic but bittersweet ending as seen through the eyes of Petroclus. Petroclus is enamoured with Achilles from the word go and becomes Achilles' lover, confidante and support to cope with the pressures of being a prince and demigod. Achilles' mother, the goddess Thetis, disapproves of their relationship and like the wicked step-mother tries to throw a spanner in the works at any opportunity. Achilles loves his mother dearly, but is agonised over the way she treats his love for Petroclus. The enduring love and relationship these two have runs a thread through the whole story with a backdrop of Greek mythology, battles and political intrigue. Patroclus would lay his life on the line for Achilles and invariably does. Contains everything an historical romance could wish for.

The narrative flows nicely and is well written, right up until the teary end and keeps the attention of the reader all the way. This story has no phonographic descriptions of lusty, uninhibited gay sex, but deals more with the relationship on an emotional level and its development from childhood crush to mature love. I think this is very fitting as any more graphic gay sex descriptions would be totally out of place here, but this in my opinion adds to the emottion and doesn't detract. However, there is one love scene of teenage fumbling sex, again well weitten but just enough to elude too and not graphic.

This book really is well worth a read, if you like your historical fiction combined with a gay relationship.