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Mark of the Gladiator - Heidi Belleau,  Violetta Vane Back to Rome with a romp. I was at first a little sceptical about this book, but pleased to say that I was proved totally wrong. A great read that transports you right back to Rome in all it's glory, debauchery and thirst for blood. Anazar is a gladiator that is bought by the house of Lucius Marianus to train his team of female gladiators. A hard job as the previous trainer had treated the women badly and Anazar first has to win their trust. Then an intrigue and murder is uncovered which threatens his life more than once with his fate always hanging in the balance on the whims of his master and mistress.

Then love enters in the form of Felix, a character I loved, but this love can only be doomed to failure with Anazar as slave and Felix being the brother of his master. All I will say at this conjecture is that love wins through after some breath stopping action and unforeseen twists in the plot which keeps you on the edge your seat.

I liked the idea of the gender angle with this book. Gay male gladiator training female gladiators to fight. This is handled well and made totally believable. The writing style transports any reader right back to Rome with all its might and grandness, but also its seediness and debauchery. The only niggle I had was the use of more modern expletives during the dialogues that I felt were totally out of character for this time and therefore jolted me as a reader every so often. I'm sure that the vulgar origins of words such as snatch or twat are far too modern, therefore not being in total character or keeping with a story set in this era. Grated on me a little.

All in all a very enjoyable read and will definitely be returning to the other titles in this series to see what they also have to offer.