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An American Guide to Britishness - Alana Muir Maybe I'm swimming against the tide with this book, but I stopped reading after the letter "F" it started to annoy me too much. I was expecting some subtle humour on life in the UK along the lines of A Xenophobe's Guide to The British / Germans / etc. which are excellent books on life in various countries. The humour in these books are subtle and satirical, but never insulting.

As a British guy reading this book I personally found myself disagreeing with many of the cultural inaccuracies which went from mild irritation to outright annoyance at best. Although attempting to be funny the message being sent to me was more like moaning and whining about "what's great" and "what I miss from the States where everything is bigger and better." I realise this is purely the author's subjective view on things, just as it is mine in writing this review. I also more than appreciate the pitfalls and the sensitivity needed when dealing with such subject matter. I have been living in Germany for twenty years after coming from the UK and it can all be too easy to start comparing what is good and what is bad from each country and end up sounding like a moaning Minnie.

I'm sorry I couldn't personally give this book a better review, but one man's meat is another's poison or horses for courses so to speak.