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Dreaming the Hound  - Manda Scott The first book in this quadrilogy was a little slow but still well written and never failed to grip the interest of the reader.
However, after reading the second book and now the third the saga really does pick up speed making both books into real page turners. The figures all start to take on a real depth of character but only due to the good basis laid out in the first book.
It has been criticised that this quadrilogy is based on the classic model or metaphor of the greedy, profit driven, resource killing, tax collecting Romans (globalist west) and on the other hand the misunderstood, tree hugging, mystic, one with nature, eco friendly Celts. Not forgetting the soul tortured, split loyalties and tragic token character of Julius Valerius who doesn't know which side he belongs too. But if this model can still be successful for James Cameron in Avatar and still sell millions, then I don't think we should be too critical of a plot that still really works and is handled by Scott brilliantly. It is after all what all empire building has been all about through history and Scott has definitely done her research here too. It doesn't detract from a well written story by any means. All in all, a well written and totally enthralling saga that just keeps the pages turning and begs to be read again. Can't wait to get stuck into the fourth book. Although we all know how the story ends........ so one big thumbs down for history.